Bringing PA To The A

Welcome to Philly Creations, LLC.

Philly Creations, LLC will be a local Italian ice & food trailer located in Atlanta, Georgia. Philly Creations, LLC is a start-up shop and has long-term presence plans in the Atlanta & Metropolitan market. Philly Creations, LLC is looking to bring mobile Italian water ice and other city custom items (such as "Philly" Cheesesteaks, cheese pretzels, chicken cheese pretzels, fish and wings) to the Atlanta market, where the product is currently unavailable. The company's initial offerings will be a mixture of rich, creamy ice cream and various desserts in a selection of sizes. Through selective marketing, we intend to create a loyal customer base that will see Philly Creations, LLC as a high-class, yet affordable Italian water ice & food trailer with a prestigious product offering.

Our Mission
  • To create the finest quality all Italian water ice and assorted foods/snacks with a commitment to incorporating the freshest, richest, and assorted ingredients into a world-class product.
  • To meet the highest standards of excellence with superb service and product offerings in a friendly, sparkling, and soothing atmosphere.
  • To actively seek out and respond to the needs of our customers.
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